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Each week, Dan Cummins takes fascinating listener suggested topics and enthusiastically dives into time sucks about everything from Charles Manson to the Lizard Illuminati, absurdly and sarcastically sharing the best of what he uncovers with you. Time to get curious! Time for Timesuck.
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Dec 30, 2016

Old porcelain dolls weird me out. Especially the kind whose eyes blink when you move them around. Those all too realistic looking glass eyes that seem to be truly watching you. Just thinking about it gives me the chills. Certain dolls are just creepy. And one of the creepiest of those dolls is named Robert. He talks, he trashes your house, he might kill your aunt in her sleep, and he’s probably the real life inspiration for Child's Play's Chucky. Let’s finish 2016 with some fear on a bonus, thank you for the 100 ratings on iTunes, episode of Timesuck!!

Dec 26, 2016

It was a crazy time in America in the 1960s.  JFK was assassinated in Dallas, we were entrenched in Vietnam - a war that deeply divided the nation, the civil rights movement was in full swing, and, from 1963 - 1969, our 36th president, Lyndon Baines Johnson, was apparently showing his big, "Jumbo" dick to just about everyone who set foot in the White House. Get ready for a rock hard, fully erect edition, of Timesuck.

Dec 19, 2016

In the mountains of central Europe, jolly old St. Nick doesn’t work alone. He leaves the handling of the naughty list to Krampus - a horned, goat-legged, split tongued, whip holding, Christmas demon draped in chains who beats and sometimes kidnaps wicked children. Krampus throws kids in the sack on his back and takes them to Hell and occasionally even eats them. Yup. This is a real tale that has been told to children. Buckle up for this dark holiday edition of Timesuck and get ready to learn all you’ll ever need to know about Krampus, Bavaria’s Christmas Devil.

Dec 12, 2016

Timesucker and British archaeologist Rebecca Pridmore sent me some fascinating articles on what we’ve learned from the excavation of various ancient tombs and incredibly well preserved corpses. Bog people, a 12,000 year old funeral, and more on this rotten, decaying, and totally dead episode of Timesuck. 

Dec 5, 2016

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk wants to have a million people living on Mars by 2070 and wants to send the first 100 people to permanently live on Mars by 2024.  Can he make this happen? And would you really want to live on that cold, red, dusty shithole of a planet? Find out on this interplanetary episode of Timesuck!

Nov 28, 2016

Ted Bundy is perhaps the most disturbing serial killer of the 20th century. Why? For starters, he didn’t look like a serial killer, so you can’t convince yourself you would’ve seen him coming. He was well-educated, well-liked, charismatic, and handsome. And evil to the core. And unlike most sociopathic killers, Ted knew he was evil. He described himself as the “the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you’ll ever meet,” and after listening, I think you’ll agree.

Nov 21, 2016

Will we see robots that look, feel, and communicate in such lifelike ways that we won’t be able to tell them apart from other humans in our lifetime? When did the artificial intelligence movement begin? Is our progress with artificial intelligence leading to an inevitable, Skynet-like confrontation with future Terminator robots doomed to turn against us? Where are we at now with robot progress? (Hint: further than you think!)  When will we be having sex with sexy sexbots? (hint: sooner than you think!) Get ready to lose about 40 minutes of your life with this mind-bending, Westworld (sorry in advance for how I kept saying WestWOOD!) inspired Timesuck.

Nov 14, 2016

Corey Haim went one from a teen heartthrob and one of the most bankable child stars of the late 80s to being a junkie and out-of-work actor labeled as a “has been” by the early 90s to being virtually homeless before he was thirty. Find out what happened to Dan’s onetime favorite actor in this tragic (and fascinating) edition of Timesuck!

Nov 7, 2016

John Quincy Adams was the sixth President of the United States, a Massachusetts State Senator, a Harvard professor, the Secretary of State, and a member of the House of Representatives for the last 17 years of his life. He was also a man who hoped to fund an expedition to travel into the center of the Earth via the North Pole and possibly establish trade with mole people. Yup. 

Oct 31, 2016

What is Halloween? Where does it come from? When did people start asking for candy? When did it become an excuse for women to dress like porn stars?? All of this and more answered on a very informative and hopefully equally entertaining episode. Shove work up your ass - it’s time for Timesuck!!

Oct 24, 2016

The Mongols sacked many cities over the course of their reign, but perhaps none so brutally as the Persian jewel of Nishapur in 1221. When they were done, giant pyramids of human heads stood where a majestic, cosmopolitan, Silk Road oasis had flourished only a few short days before. Be glad, so glad, you never lived on the wrong side of Genghis in this unbelievably bloody edition of Timesuck. 

Oct 17, 2016

2016. Year of the creepy clown. What's behind the insane number of creepy clown sightings happening around the world? Why do we fear clowns? Have these creepy clowns actually hurt anyone? Everything you need to know about the current clown craze in this extended episode of Timesuck. 

Oct 10, 2016

What is a sociopath? What's a psychopath? Do you know one? Are you one? Dan breaks down the clinical definition of both and defines them in his own terms as well before nervously taking both a sociopath and a psychopath test himself. Take the tests with him and join Dan in this mentally ill edition of Timesuck! 

Oct 3, 2016

Your chances of dying in "the big one" Southern California earthquake are roughly the same as of being shot and killed by a toddler according to a study cited by the LA Times. Is it even scientifically possible for a giant earthquake to cause LA to fall into the sea? Are there a lot of trigger happy babies out there? Find out all this and more as the show's first guest, Jacob Kubon, and Dan break down the origins and possibility of the giant earthquake legend. 

Sep 26, 2016

Roman orgies! Columbian bestiality! Irish underwear! Find out what the Hell Dan is referring to and learn what Dan considers to be the ten strangest sexual customs of the world today and some odd sexual norms of yesteryear as well.

Sep 19, 2016

Did you believe that a race of alien lizards has been secretly running the world’s governments since the dawn of human civilization, mining for mono-atomic gold in their underground cities and tunnels, creating world wars in order to feast on human sadness and controlling our thoughts from their moon weapon? If you do, you should probably skip this podcast and order one of British conspiracy theorist David Icke’s books explaining oh so much more about the reptilian agenda. If you think this sounds like wildly entertaining nonsense, you’ve come to the right place!!